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Note: Donations via GoFundMe may take 2-3 days to complete. Donations via CoinBase may take a few days to be usable. Donations via Patreon are pulled on the 1st of every month, and then take several days to come in.

Cash on hand: $
Patreon per month: $

Last updated:

Server Added — We purchased a new front-end and processing server, adding $135/mo to server cost.
Domains Purchased — We purchased 2 new domains to brand our new project ($75) and reorganize the company domain ($20).
Total Funds Progress

Total Funds needed by March 2017: $ / Server Costs

Main Front-end Server [due 14th]: $135

Main Storage Server [due 27th]: $99

Backup Storage Server [due 14th]: $30

Total Funds for servers: $ /

GSuite Email Accounts

GSuite Emails: $20

Total Funds for emails: $20.00 / 20.00

Domain Costs $75 - (PAID) $20 - (PAID)

Total Funds for domains: $95.00 / 95.00